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    Video of opening lecture ‘Arbitration: Diversity, Sustainability and the Spectre of Climate Change’ by Lucy Greenwood

    The lecture explores the themes of diversity, sustainability and climate change in the context of international arbitration and focuses on the efforts of the global community to change behaviour over the past few years.

    Lucy argues that is a common theme which underpins discussions of diversity in arbitration and sustainable behaviours. This is the notion of waste. By not promoting inclusive behaviour and opening doors to diverse candidates, arbitration practitioners run the significant risk of wasting the talent available to them. Similarly, efforts to address climate change often focus on the elimination of wasteful practices. Adopting more sustainable practices can reduce waste, costs and increase the efficiency of the international arbitration process.

    International lawyers also must not waste the opportunity to contribute to the climate change conversation and, where they can, they should seize the chance to influence laws and policies to promote sustainable behaviours. There is a strong argument that if we achieve greater diversity in the arbitration community we will drive more creative efforts to address climate change and reach our sustainability goals.

    Lucy Greenwood is an independent international arbitrator specializing in commercial and investment disputes based in London. She has practised international arbitration since 1998 (working in London, Paris and Houston) and has acted as arbitrator in over 60 arbitrations since becoming a full time arbitrator in 2017. She is highly regarded for her prompt, efficient resolution of disputes and active case management of arbitrations and is particularly in demand as a chair for major energy disputes. She is the founder of the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations, an initiative to reduce the environmental impact of international arbitrations.

    The opening lecture was delivered in the London office of Osborne Clarke on 20 June 2022.

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