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    Annual Investor-State Dispute Settlement Update

    A short training course designed for practicing lawyers and government officials to stay up to date on the most recent developments in the area of international investment law and dispute resolution. The course in offered in the online, offline and hybrid format.


    Prof. Dr. Yarik Kryvoi, LL.M (Harvard)
    Prof. Dr. Yarik Kryvoi, LL.M (Harvard)
    Yarik Kryvoi is Director of the Investment Treaty Forum at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law and a co-founder of the Arbitration Lab with extensive experience of delivering training courses to practitioners and government officials.

    Key features

    The 2-hour short course includes:

    • The most important recent developments at the UNCITRAL Working Group III: Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reform
    • An update on the ICSID Rules and Regulations Amendment process
    • Key recent developments related to intra-EU disputes and ISDS
    • A study guide with references to key materials and additional resources.

    Participation in the course will allow to:

    • Gain knowledge of the most recent and controversial developments
    • Better understand the current trends and patterns of decision-making of arbitral tribunals and policy-makers
    • Be exposed to novel interactive teaching methods
    • Get a collection of relevant materials and sources for further study
    • Obtain a certificate of attendance sharable on social platforms.

    Key benefits of participation

    The training consists of interactive presentations on four thematic sections featuring the relevant legal rules, cases, developments at international organisations and arbitral institutions. Each section ends with a question, which the participants are asked to answer in writing. At the end of the training those who wish to obtain Certificate of Completion, need to paste their answers into an online form (Learning Journal). The Learning Journal helps to structure and memorize the most important points related to each topic.


    The training may take place in the online, offline and hybrid format depending on your preferences.

    Programme and application procedure

    To request a training session for your organisation, please email info (at) arbitrationlab.com indicating the planned number of participants and the teaching mode (online, hybrid, or offline). We will get back to you with a quote.