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    About us

    About Arbitration Lab

    Arbitration Lab is a Swiss-British initiative bringing evidence-based analysis, big data and online technologies into teaching, research and practice of arbitration. It conducts and supports events, publications and learning of international arbitration from a comparative perspective. 

    The lab brings together top experts on private and public adjudication from a variety of arbitration branches to transfer knowledge, skills and facilitate networking between senior and junior arbitration professionals.

    Launched by former classmates at Harvard Law School, who now academics at leading Swiss and British academic institutions, Arbitration Lab plans to conduct trainings and conferences, research projects and work closely with dispute resolution institutions and legal practitioners. Its two flagship initiatives include a winter school in Basel and a summer school in London.

    The United Kingdom and Switzerland remain among the world’s top destinations for international arbitration, hosing several key arbitration institutions. Moreover, arbitrators with Swiss and British nationality remain among the top appointed in commercial, investor-state and other types of arbitration. Collaboration with experts and institutions from these jurisdictions will be at the core of the Arbitration Lab’s activities.

    The Arbitration Lab co-directors are:
    Professor Yarik Kryvoi
    Professor Yarik Kryvoi
    Senior Fellow and Director of the Investment Treaty Forum, British Institute of International and Comparative Law
    Professor Anna Petrig
    Professor Anna Petrig
    Chair of International and Public Law, Basel University